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The Importance of Story Telling

If you are reading this blog, either you are a writer or you have some sort of interest in writing, or even reading. Thankfully, if you are reading this you probably enjoy the genres of horror, thriller, or mystery. Of course, not everyone can take the tension that comes with them. Regardless, this particular blog entry will focus more on the art of the story, not the genre.

One of the hardest aspects of any art is to get what’s in your head out into the world. Whether it is on a music sheet, a deliciously developed recipe, a painting canvas, or a computer monitor. It’s a struggle many of us have felt. My process to deal with that struggle is not to focus on the entire story but the bits and pieces of the human elements that make the story.

We have all experienced struggles, success, love, rage, and the pain of loss to name a few. Those experiences are just a few blocks of the foundation of any story and it is the framework of that story that will get others to relate or enjoy your work. Humans have to connect to each other. It’s part of who we are, even if some of us deny it. Here are 3 tips you can use to connect with your story:

  1. What part of you and your experience can you tap into to tell a compelling story?

  2. Is the story you want to tell capable of opening the eyes of your readers to points of view they may have never considered?

  3. Can you conquer your fear and be a little vulnerable?

If you can tap into those aspects and choose a genre you feel best fit you and the story you want to tell, then you have the opportunity to put something unique and intriguing on paper.

Don’t worry about if you think the story has been told before. One thing is for certain… it has never been told through your eyes.

*My next entry will let you in on why I chose horror as my vehicle and why I think it’s effective.

Until next time…

Make sure you do it the WRITE way!

Ashon Ruffins


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