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Meet The Author

😄***Meet the Author***😀

👋🏾Greetings! I’m Ashon Ruffins and I’m an African American author with three lifetimes of experiences all rolled into one. With those experiences of love, joy, pain, suffering, and tragedy, I strive to bring the human experience to readers with every stroke of the key. I did not set out to become a writer. It chose me. And because it chose me I’ve been able to bring the Uncovered Darkness Mental Health Series to life with Descent of a Broken Man, Ascent of a Vengeful Woman, and…😉.

📖I write stories with a diverse background but also center around African American characters. It’s about more than color. My goal is that the characters I write are relatable to everyone because it centers around the human experience. The stories center around the aspects of mental health, consequences of our decisions, moral ambiguity. The decision to write thought-provoking horror comes from my many life experiences and consequences of life events. Life isn’t black and white, so, neither should be the stories I write. Horror has been my favorite genre since I was a kid and it only made sense to write the stories I have in me in that genre.

💥With that being said, the stories I write are very much horror. The fun elements of the horror genre are a benefit to telling tales of mortality using the tools of creatures that go bump in the night. I enjoy every moment of it and I’m grateful to be able to bring my stories to you.

🙏🏽Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a better idea of who I am and what I contribute to the horror genre. Let’s explore more creatures that go bump in the night together. Check out books 1 and 2 of the Uncovered Darkness Mental Health books series and visit Dreadful Times Press for other works of horror and news.l

Until next time!

Ashon Ruffins


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